Tree Dimentional l.

Wall installation in cooperation with Malin Persson. Wood- pieces attached to wall made by Kristine Hymøller, painting made by Malin Persson. 4.5X3.5 m, BillyTown 2, 2007,  Den Haag. NL.

During 2006 Malin Persson and Kristine Hymøller have been working closely and started to find different ways to connect sculpture with painting and the other way around. In the process of making their first 'tree' the discussion about: how three dimensional can a painting become? And: Can a sculpture become more two dimensional in the way you project it? was the beginning with new reflections and became a key area of interest in their collaboration.  Objects got linked to painting and paintings expanded into small sculptures. In the project at Billy town, Den Haag, Rijswijk, the first exploration took form and the installation 'Tree Dimensional I' was created. Wood was growing and carrying the paintings like windows to the sky.

The different paintings, with various sky-scapes, invited Kristine Hymøller and Malin Persson  to connect the paintings to the wood branches; This construction made sense "the branches lifted the paintings into the sky". Inspiration for the tree came from among others, Rene Daniel's painting 'Lentebloesem'

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