Oval Component.

Photograph, collaboration with Tim Johannis, 2012.

Performer: Maura Leonor Bruggen.


Photograph, collaboration with Tim Johannis. 2012.

In Circle.

Series of photographs, gymnast with hula hoops, 2010.

Photography, Tim Johannis


Photograph, poster made for unfold magazine in collaboration with Tim Johannis, Unfold magazine Amsterdam edition, Published on 27 June, 2011.


Photograph, female dancer sitting in a split on top of a sculpture, 2009.

A selection of performative photograph, 2009-2012.                                                                                         

Photograph, collaboration with Tim Johannis. 2012.

A female body in profound classical body positions, alike sport athletes and sculptures of the Olympic hero’s from the ancient Greek. In these work I aim to create a coactive meeting between form, condition and posture. I wish to reflect the human in an objectified state of mind. Reveal a scenario that explores cultural and social heritage, the body occupied by the space physically and emotively.

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