Exhibition Maxi Reload in Unknown Depth, @ The Round Tower, Copenhagen 2022.

Men At Work, Edge East Side, Warschauer Bridge, Berlin, 2021
Single-channel video | Loop | 2021 | HDV | Colour | sound | Camara kristine Hymøller.

video produced during her residency at ZK/U, Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, in 2021.
Through her stay in Berlin, Hymøller was looking at different stages of remodelling, exploring the exteriors of built space in Europacity, Berlin’s new rapidly growing urban quarter, showcasing newly built residential architecture. Starting with her interest in this urban development project, she filmed and followed construction workers day by day, during the construction process of EDGE, a 140-meter high-rise building with a total area of ​​80,500 square meters, overlooking the Warschauer Bridge. Inspired by the information she gathered during her research on site, she then spent her time editing video and working with the cosmetic-palette as division, relief and pattern overlay. The palettes, which daily are used as a face retouching tool, are transformed into a colourful scenario of materials and sublimely blendable camouflage in the shape of architectural models.

The video Men At Work Warschauer Straße EDGE East Side Berlin present facets of the significant changes that capitals in the world, such as Berlin, are undergoing; a constant renewing in order to fit contemporary neoliberal conditions. In the video she challenges the commodification of housing and the resulting desertification of newly built city developments.

City renewal and lifestyle mirrored in housing typology as an organised system of ‘type’ is a subject the Hymøller has been researching through her career. Fascinated by the period under construction and the radical physical changes that transform a residential area into an attractive living area. Hymøller draws parallels to the period of construction and transformation to today’s ceremony beauty repertoire, how we constantly try to improve and enhance our self-image, the cosmetic and beauty industry’s continuous grow and urban renewal projects. Reflecting upon the way in which makeup is used to create a persona, the expansion of homogeneous mass-produced buildings, the enhancement of cities and the palette of the self.