Exhibition Maxi Reload in Unknown Depth, @ The Round Tower, Copenhagen 2022.

On wall , monitor playing the video, Blush on the present state, Europacity, Otto-Weidt-Platz, Moabit, Berlin. 2021. Next to it on wall : The Palette tool  object, Blush on the present state.

Blush on the present state: is a self Portrait of me posing as a statuette, staging myself,  while simultaneous using  a palette tool, smearing and coverering myself in all the pigment colours. This performance, event took place in front of newly fresh apartment blocks on Otto-Weidt-Platz, a new urban quarter, a living district, founded in Berlin, 2021.
After use the palette tool were casted  in concrete and  placed on the wall as a  tool  object.

This work was made during a residency at Z/KU, Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, 2021.