A Group Collective

Materials, brick waste, mortar and color cosmetic. Sculptural arrangement made with  manufactured material essential in construction and in the beauty industry

In this work ordinary brick waste is assembled and covered  with foundation, eyeshadow and powder. Through this makeover the elements reveals its shape  and steps into character.

This work is an investigation of abstraction and archetypes of sculpture, exploring themes like group collective, group dynamics and social norms. It plays with similarity, how the brick shape are mirroring each other,  though they are dissimilar.


A group can be defined as two or more interacting and interdependent individuals who come together to achieve particular objectives.

Uniformity: are identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank. 

A collective is a group of individuals organized to become one committed entity,  that share or are motivated by common interest, but in the same time stand alone as individuals in a crowd