hierarchical interrelation#II,  Exhibition view, Porcelain Clay plates, wood, paint. 350 X 250 X 300 cm, Exhibition, Sundaymorning@Ekwc, Den Bosch, NL 2011.

During my recidency at Sundaymorning@Ekwc Den Bosh, NL, 2011, I made a series of sculptures with porcelainclay and wood,  investigating the relationship between symbols of power, basic shapes, building stucture  and contemporary formality. I wanted to work with the mechanics of materials and it was important to me that the sculptures still in their abstract presence resonated power, fragility and strength. I decided to make a joint presentation of clay and wood, experiment with various ways of folding porcelain clay shapes around or on top of wood. In this process the wood made it’s imprint in the clay while drying slowly. After the clay was fired in the kiln it was again connected with the wood and placed in its original position. The two parts were combined in large sculptural arrangement

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