Teint a Builders Collective.

Aerated concrete found on construction site smeared in different shades of foundation and spraytan 240 LX 110 BX 145 H, Eksrummet, 2020

  • Mocha. warm brown undertones, classic bronze tan.
  • Island. cool brown with violet undertones, deep exotic tan.
  • Sun. warm brown with red undertones, ‘day in the sun’ tan.
  • Honey. warm brown with golden undertones, glowing tan

Colour blocking is putting 2 or more solid colours together to make an outfit. Dense compact consistency Colour Blocks,  manufactured material essential in construction and in the beauty industry, systematically arranged and a covered with foundationand spraytan.

Colour blocks are highlighting your lips og cheeks with color accents –covering your face with shades ranging from dark nude to light nude. Airbrush your body with Spray Tan Color Chart based on Skin Tones · Very Fair to Fair Skin Tone– Fair or very pale.

Aerated concrete is a lightweight, precast, foam concrete building material suitable for producing concrete units. Aerated concrete has a light gray or near white color. Through this makeoverprocess and transformation the elements reveals its shape  and steps into character.