The Concept of the Megastructure,  SPARK gallery, 2022, Malmö, SE.

Large Sculptures.
“The Concept of the Megastructure New typologies” 1, 2. 

Concrete, make-up, tile adhesive, wood,
50B X 50LX140H cm,
 50B X 50LX120H cm, 2021.

Sculptures on podium.
The Concept of the Megastructure, Tower Block # 1, 2,
Concrete, wood, tile adhesive. 

Relief  on wall.
144 shades edition# 1, 2, 3.
Concrete, makeup, metal, 2021.

@ Spark Kristine Hymøller presents mockup models, relief objects produced during her residency at ZK/U, Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, in 2021. Through her stay, Hymøller was looking at different stages of remodelling, exploring the exteriors of built space in Europacity, Berlin’s new rapidly growing urban quarter, showcasing newly built residential architecture.

The works present two different facets of the significant changes that capitals in the world, such as Berlin, are undergoing; a constant renewing in order to fit contemporary neoliberal conditions. In the works she challenges the commodification of housing and the resulting desertification of newly built city developments. Her investigation draws parallels between the cosmetic and beauty industry’s continuous grow and urban renewal projects. Reflecting upon the way in which makeup is used to create a persona, the expansion of homogeneous mass-produced buildings, the enhancement of cities and the palette of the self.

SPARK is a collaborative platform located in Malmö, Sweden with the purpose of strengthening the interface between architecture, art, research, and societal advancement through exhibitions and lectures. The aim is to promote artistic processes in architecture and urban development by activating intersections between art, architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture.

SPARK aims at exhibiting works that provokes critical discourse in current city building through explorative, experimental, trans- and interdisciplinary practices. SPARK collaborates with Lund University Department of Architectrue and the Built Environment, Architects Sweden Skåne, and Molekyl Gallery.