Under Tracks

A collection of large drawings/collages made site specific on gallery-walls or in relation to a specific  exposition during 2004-2007

Kristine Hymøller’s large-scale compositions, in which abstracted landscape- and architectural elements criss-cross and meander frantically from border to border, are in many cases beyond representation – her drawings (recently also on canvas) are vibrating, intense overall compositions, constructed from different techniques. [Xander Karskens]

Playstation proudly presents Halo, a drawing show with works by 5 international artists. The artists in Halo share an attitude towards the work surrounding them: a romantic belief in, or fascination for, the power of the irrational and the unreal, a longing for both the idyllic as its negation – sometimes purposefully naïve, sometimes controlled and self-conscious.

For Halo, Hymøller created a site-specific work, directly on the gallery walls.

[Xander Karskens]