Exhibition Maxi Reload in Unknown Depth, The Round Tower, Copenhagen 2022.

The works Facade Typology and Blocks of assembled behavior, is an investigation of facades typology and  apartment blocks  homogeneous expression and their manufacturing processes. She is inspired by how apartment blocks are manufactured in the factory in individual elements, and then later assembled and mounted on the construction site.

Based on this kind of mass-produced construction and urban planning, she  created the frottage prints  that can be experienced as both two-dimensional and dimensional landscapes or wallpaper.  

The works are made with materials and tools that are used in the cosmetics industry. With a different kind of toolbox is Hymøller examining the  materials and the shapes, through a marking and registration process. 

Hymøller made the frottage prints with colorful makeup palettes that daily are used as a face retouching tool. Contours and textures from the palettes were transferred onto paper, installed side by side to form a horizon of reliefs. By repeating the imprints on paper and in a sculptural format, patterns are created that emphasize the increase of the population and the growing landscapes of the city.