In her artistic practice Hymoller examine the “embodiment of place” and what constitutes a sense of belonging from an analytical and cultural perspective. She place an emphasis on the aesthetic form, its characteristics, and its role in society. The formation of ideas through materiality and material investigation is a central component of her practice.

In Hymøller’s performative, sculptural, architectural and body-related work, she explore how the use of “feminine” and “masculine” charged shapes, colors, and materials are used to represent and perpetuate cultural values.

Her resent investigation draws parallels between the urban landscape and the beauty industry and its influences on an individual’s body and mind. In the process she investigate shapes, colors, and structures enmeshed in the materiality of the city, comparing these with humanity’s own need and use of cosmetics to appear most beautiful. Fascinated by the different stages of remodeling in cities, she examine whether and how beauty industry aesthetics have similarities to the urban landscape’s renewal processes.

Hymøller have translated this interpretation into a series of installations with performative interventions, sculpture, video, photography, collages and frottage-prints.


2000-2003 Sandberg Institute, MA Fine Arts, Amsterdam, NL
2011 European Ceramic Workcentre, Den Bosch, NL
1997-2000 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, BA Fine Arts Amsterdam, NL
1095-1996 Holbœk Kunst-Højskole, Holbœk, DK


2017-2020 Organizer and curator of the artist run project space Eks-rummet since 2016. KBH, DK

Solo exhibitions

2021 upcomming Openhaus 2021 ZK/U- Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, DE
2018 A Tribute TO The Time Between, C4 Projects, Copenhagen, DK
2018 CITY COLOR HD, Spanien 19C, Århus, DK
2017 MAKE-OVER, Eks-rummet, Copenhagen, DK
2016 Byens Kunst, Jelling, DK
2012 OUTPOST, Amsterdam, NL
2011 Kunstraject, Kunstetalages Zeeheldenbuurt, Amsterdam, NL
2010 And Where Is My Make-up, Apice for artists, Amsterdam, NL
2009 There is an ultimate shape to everything. Eerste Jan Steenstraat, Amsterdam, NL
2008 Belonging’s in a girl’s-room, Plan B Project, Amsterdam, NL
2005 Perfect Makeover, Raid Project, LA, USA

Group exhibition

2021 upcomming  Maxi Reload, Rundetårs biblotekssal,  with Clara Black Starck, Cph, DK                                                                                          2020 Trope, Copenhagen, Photofestival, Eks-rummet. DK
2019 Staldgade 74, with Anna Taina Nielsen, DK
2019 Plastik, Eks-rummet, DK
2019  No Scrubs, Hotdock project Space Bratislava, SK
2018 COVER Eks-rummet København
2016 No Future, Performance Biennale, Athens, GR
2015 Dead Darlings, Occupational Hazard”, Amsterdam, NL
2015 24 hemmeligheder, Zebu og børnekulturhuset, in collaboration with med Sif Jessen Hymøller, Amager, DK
2014 I am not doing anything until I feel the need: De Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam, NL
2014 I am not doing anything until I feel the need: OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam), NL
2014 Die symmetrie des wassers,  Kunsthalle Exnergasse Wien, AT
2014 UDSNIT, Papirøen, Holmen, Copenhagen, DK
2013 Momart Presents All, Amsterdam, NL
2013 Kunstnernes Efterårs udstilling, Copenhagen, DK
2012 Inexactly This, Kunstvlaai, presented by Kunstraject, Amsterdam, NL
2012 Little Things Are Happening, NDSM werf, De Bunker, Amsterdam, NL
2012 Billboard Art Project, Salem, Oregon, US
2012 Pyrate Realations, M3 Kunsthalle, Berlin, DE
2011 Dumbo arts festival, 365 prints days of print, Brooklyn New york, US
2011 The NJCU Visual Arts Gallery, 365 days of prints, Jersey City, New Jersey, US
2011 European Ceramic Workcentre. January-March. Den Bosch, NL
2010 ‘Not So Absolute’, Apice for artist, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Mountain/HOPE, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, GR
2009 OUTPOST #1: “13”. Amsterdam, NL
2009 XVI SculptureTriennial Poznan, PL
2009 DRANG, Frans Verlinden Artprize, Winston Hotel, Amsterdam, NL
2009 ‘A days darkness in a light bulb’, Arti Et Amicitiae,  Amsterdam, NL
2009 Mayday Mayday, Plan B, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Charlottenborgs Spring exhibition, Copenhagen, DK
2009 Knijp Kat Club, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Artistes Anonymes en Aibime, Diepte, Amsterdam, NL
2008 Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, NL
2008 Evil By Nature. Drawing exhibition, Kunstvlai, Amsterdam, NL
2007 Billytown curated by Billytown, Den Haag, NL.
2007 In Architectures Armpit, De Cantine, Amsterdam, NL
2006 Denkt Allen, 85 Gallery, Antverpen, BE
2005 Oticum A/S, Copenhagen, DK
2005 Niewe Werkelijkheid, theater Pumarun, NL.
2005 The Mystery of new art, sandberg institute, Amsterdam, NL
2005 Spring Saloon, Berlin, DE
2005 Short Circuit, Motive gallery, NL
2005 Weissfaktor gallery, Osnabrück, DE
2005 Rotterdam Art Fair, Motive gallery, NL
2004 Arti Et Amicitiae, Buning Brongers prizen, Amsterdam, NL
2004 End show, De Parel, Pakt, Amsterdam, NL
2004 Halo, Playstation, gallery Fons Welters, NL
2004 Kunstvlaai, Westergas Fabriek, Amsterdam, NL.
2004 Moving, ArkWalk, Amsterdam, NL.
2004 I Use My Bones To Tame You, PAKT, Amsterdam, NL.
2004 TekenKeten, tekenprojekt buitenateliers, Korte Schrijf Park, Tilburg, NL.
2003 Start A New Art World, Artis, Den Bosch, NL
2003 The Chapel, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
2002 The Incredible Melting, Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, Friesland, NL
2002 Eén Minuten Biënnale, Danish pavilion, Utrecht Centraal Museum, NL
2002 Disegno, Mariakapel, Sandberg 2, Hoorn, NL
2001 Outpost, OT301, Amsterdam, NL
2001 Youthquake II, W139, Amsterdam, NL
2000 End exhibition Gerrit Rietveld academie, Amsterdam, NL
2000 Park Of The future, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL

2020 Wild Wild East, ŒTHER HAGA, The Hague. NL
2016 Back To Athens Festival, Athens, GR 2013 Taak, projeektruimte, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, GR
2010 Half-Eaten Thought With Or Without The Popular Unnecessary Girlish Love, H.O.P.E EPOH / Kristine Hymøller
Magmart Video Festival, Naples, I
2009 10 years of The One Minutes, Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort, NL
2008 Viking 2002, World One Minutes exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, CH


2011 Performance Quadro Segmentation, Eye Tune The Party, Stichting KOP, Breda, NL
2011 Openings Manifestatie, Kunstnach s-Hertogenbosch, in collaboration with Yasser Ballemans, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL
2010 Fitness Increasing In Spring, online Performance, Art Didactic Festival, Roma, Milan, I
2009 Street Performance, Eaten Thought With Or Without The Popular Unnecessary Girlish Love, in collaborationwith H.o.p.e Epoh, Athens Greece, GR<[p>


2021 Statens kunstfond produktion, Kulturstyrelsen, DK
2021 Statens kunstfond, residency, Kulturstyrelsen, DK
2019 Grosserer L.F Foghs Fond. DK
2019 Ragnvald & Ida Blix Fond. DK
2019 Billedhuggeren Professor Gottfred Eickhoffs og maleren Gerda Eickhoffs Fond.
2018 Københavns kommunes billedkunstudvalg, DK
2018 Kulturudviklingspuljen, århus, DK
2016 Statens kunstfond, huskunstner Ordningen Kulturstyrelsen, in collaboration with BGK, DK
2016 Statens kunstfond, huskunstner Tagensbo Skole, Kulturstyrelsen, DK
2015 Metroselskabet I/S, Byens Hegn, CPH, DK
2014 Statens kunstfond, residency, Kulturstyrelsen, DK
2011 CBK ’s- Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Kunstnach s-Hertogenbosch, Hertogenbosch, NL
2007 Fonds BKBV(Scholarship for established artist) Fonds BKVB, Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design&Architecture, Amsterdam, NL
2005 Fonds BKVB, Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts,  (Scholarship for starting artist) Design&Architecture, Amsterdam, NL
2004 Buning Brongers prizen, Arti Et Amicitiae, (Dutch postgraduate price), NL
2004 Fonds BKVB, (Scholarship for starting artist) Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design & Architecture, Amsterdam, NL
2001 Poul Erik Bugge fond (Artist scholarship), DK


2014 Batiken mit Blasensaft,”Die Symmetrie des Wassers”, Helmut Ploebst, DER STANDARD, Vienna, AT
2015 Selected artist, De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender, Amsterdam, NL
2015 Selected artist, Year book Highlike, Sponser File Festival, Sao Paulo, BR
2014 Im not doing anything until I feel the need, scheurkalender, Joannekke Meester, Amsterdam, NL
2014 Selected artist, De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender, Amsterdam, NL
2014 Kunstnernes Efterårs udstilling. Exhibition catalog, Copenhagen, DK
2013 Highlike, Sponser File Festival, Kristine Hymøller, Sao Paulo, BR
2011 365 days of prints, catalog, US
2011 Zine Unfold, poster August, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Zine, Mountain/HOPE, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, GR
2010 EIGHT:48 Magazine, Now issue, NL
2010 Edition, smiley, magazine Itch, ZA
2010 Neon Mgazine, November Isue, DE
2010 GLAMCULT magazine, June issue, NL
2010 Hard/Hoofd. Magazine for art and journalism, NL
2010 Athens Video Art Festival, Exhibition catalog, Athens, GR
2009 XVI SculptureTriennial, Exhibition catalog, Poznan, PL
2009 Charlottenborgs Spring exhibition, Exhibition catalog ,Copenhagen, DK
2008 Publication ‘Nieuwe Vide’, Year book, Haarlem, NL
2008 ‘World One Minutes’, Today’s Art Museum, Beijing, Exhibition catalog, CH
2005 Uitgelicht 05, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, catalogue over artists granted in 2003-04, NL
2004 Publication ‘Tekenketen’ (three weeks outside drawing project), Tilburg, NL
2004 Publication ‘Buning Brongers prizen’ (Dutch postgraduate prize, 2004), NL
2003 Kunstliefhebber gered met Sint Nicolaaskapel. Artikel in newspaper Het Parool, NL
2002 Wij bouwen nieuwe zinnen, publication W139, Amsterdam, NL
2002 Grap werkt goed in 1 minuut. Article in newspaper NRC, NL
2002 Graduation show, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Exhibition catalog, NL


2021 ZK/U- Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, DE
2017 Riddergade AIR, Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg, DK
2016 The Danish Institute i Athen, GR
2014 Bucharest AIR, Bucharest, RO
2011 European Ceramic Workcentre, Den Bosch, NL
2005 Raid Project, LA, USA

Music video

2017 Filmed and edited the Music video, I En Fremmed By, too musician and songwriter Sara Futtrup, DK

Workshop/ Teaching

2020 Teacher, Kunstskolen Rammen, Køge, Dk
2019 Teacher, Kunstskolen Rammen, Køge, Dk
2018 Teacher, Kunstskolen Rammen, Køge, Dk
2018 Ro Lysfest, lysoptog kordinator sammen med Sif Jessen Hymøller, Roskilde, DK
2018 Action Painting workshop, ungdommensfolke møde Valbyparken, i samarbejde med Børnehjœlpsdagen, KBH, DK
2017 Regnskovs Maleri, Ådalens skole, i samarbejde med kunstner Anna Taina Nielsen og Roskilde Kulturskole, Roskilde, DK
2017 Action Painting, workshop i samarbejde med BGK, støttet af huskunstnerordningen, Grundtvigsskolen, Odsherred, DK
2017 Tjørnegårds  skolen Action Painting worksho,p i samarbejde med BGK, støttet af huskunstnerordningen, Roskilde, DK
2017 Lysfest på kulturstrøget, workshop og detagelse i optog, i samarbejde med Karoline Larsen, TCR tiendeklasseCenter Roskilde, Roskilde, DK
2017  Action Painting workshop, børnehjemmet Tinghøj, i samarbejde med Børnehjœlpsdagen, KBH, DK
2017  Action Painting workshop, børnehjemmet SkelBakken, i samarbejde med Børnehjœlpsdagen, KBH, DK
2017 Teacher, Kunstskolen Rammen, Køge, Dk
2016 Teacher, Kunstskolen Rammen, Køge, Dk
2016 Overgangs Ritualer, workshop, I samarbejde med designer Nynne Færch, støttet af huskunstnerordningen, Tagensbo skole KBH, DK
2016 Workshop, Drawing and Identity, Værebroparken Bagsvœrd, in collboration Vœrebro Rådgivning, DK
2015 Workshop, Action Painting, in collboration with Ålholmen skole, KBH, DK
2015 Workshop, Spor og Aftryk, In collaboration with Byens Hegn and Nørrebro park Skole, KBH, DK
2015 Workshop, Action Painting, Vœrebroparken Bagsvœrd, in collboration with Vœrebro Rådgivning, DK
2014 Kunsten I bevœgelse, 3 ugers kunstprojekt i 3 forskellige landsbyer i udkanstdanmark samarbejde med Kunsten I bevægelse, kulturremissen Brande, DK


2017 Foredrag I forbindelse med recidency, Riddergade Air, Viborg Kunsthal, DK
2016  Foredrag I forbindelse med udstilling I Byens Kunst, Jelling, DK
2014 Foredrag I forbindelse, Kunsten I bevœgelse, kulturremissen Brande, DK
Foredrag I forbindelse med recidency Sunday Morning EKW, NL
Foredrag I forbindelse med Openings Manifestatie, performance, kunstnacht Den Bosch
Stichtin Kunstprojecten Den Bosch, NL
2010 Foredrag I forbindelse med min udstilling, And Where Is My Make-up, Apiceforartist, Amsterdam, NL