Photograph with two male performers. Attached to their feet, hands and head are basic shapes, 2010. Performers, Simon Tanguy, Daniel Almgren Recen. Photography, Tim Johannis.

This photo belongs to a series of performative photographs that are realized in studio setting or as live performances in connection to an event: The performers have basic geometrical shapes attached to their bodies which affects the movement and shape of the body and together they become some kind of Bodily dance machine: the shapes regulate the body, forcing it to make certain movements and It is not really clear if it is the body or the shapes attached to the body who is in charge of the choreography.

More concretely connected to the body are the choreographic videos Twosome and Olympia Carved Torso – A Drama in Five Acts, Kristine Hymøller. This move figures are given geometric shapes. These dancers are reminiscent of the aesthetics of Bauhaus and Constructivism.

Exhibitio“The symmetry of the water”Review: (Helmut Ploebst, DER STANDARD, 12.9.2014)