Silk Lotion

Performative process embedding body, traces and memories.

Made during a residency at Sundaymorning@Ekwc, Den Bosh, NL, 2011.

The title Silk Lotion  refers to cosmetics applied to the face or body to improve or to change our appearance. In this performance I investigate the dynamics between classical and abstract sculpture, between formality, expression, material, weight, quantity, word play and representation.

At Ekwc my idea was to research, various ways to make sculptural body constructions, working with clays mold ability against the skin. The  performance was documented by Series of photographs.

A vet rectangle porcelain clay sheet covers a naked women body. As her body slowly moves the shape of her body becomes visible through the clay sheet surface. In the end of the performance the clay sheet that once were covering the body is left in the position it felt on the ground. Afterwards the clay sheet is fired in the kiln. The fired clay sheet is positioned as it naturally felt on the ground, deteriorated and fixates by heat. The fragility of the material becomes visible, leaving the long heavy vet rectangle sheet changing to a new form and position.

Photographing each change of position I additional investigate the systematically changes that occurs on the images. The slight changes reveal a hidden pattern performed by the body, the motion and the material.