Hardboard, wood and screws,  2000, 2.5m (H) X4m (L)X 3m (W),

This sculpture was part of the Outpost @Overtoom 301. Amsterdam, NL.

Four separate wall segments are set up in a composition with a  segment pile. This work belongs to a series of large scale sculptures that encircled the urban architecture, nature and artificiality. With focus on rooms in the city, architecture and interior in a private room, I constructed those sculptures. I was inspired by ruins and furniture settings on display in Ikea. My aim was to make an combined construction which has remembrance to a space we might know and to stage a setting that the viewer can interact with.

Futhermore I  was inspired by how built environment has a significant influence on human. Thinking The fact that we continues build and reconstruct our society. Referring to the city shape as a crusade that daily and rapidly transforms. I was wondering about how  those built environment around us elaborate our freedom and  how it effects our  identity and the way life moves. The complexity of living in a cityshape and fitting our day dreams with the reality around us.