Overview from the exhibition “Maxi Reload in Unknown Depth”@The round Tower Copenhagen, 2022. On wall , monitor playing the video, Blush on the present state, Europacity, Otto-Weidt-Platz, Moabit, Berlin. 2021. Next to it : The Palette object Blush on the present state. An object  I used in the video is after use casted in concrete and  placed on wall .

Blush on the present state: is a self Portrait of the artist posing as a statuette, staging herself in front of newly fresh apartment blocks on Otto-Weidt-Platz, a new urban quarter, a living district, founded in Berlin, 2021. The video is made during a residency at Z/KU, Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, 2021.

Hymøller made this site-specific performance relating her persona to the facade of the newly built apartments on Otto-Weidt-Platz. The performance is related to Europacity, Berlin’s new urban quarter. Europacity is one of the largest and most innovative new construction areas in Berlin. Throughout her stay Hymøller researched the visual and social ideology that embraces urban renewal projects, looking through different stages of remodeling in residential areas and by exploring a new type of architecture that seems to expand throughout Europe.

City renewal and lifestyle mirrored in housing typology as an organised system of ‘type’ is a subject the Hymøller has been researching through her career. Fascinated by the period  under construction and the radical physical changes that transform a residential area into an attractive living area. Hymøller draws parallels to the period of construction and transformation to today’s ceremony beauty repertoire, how we constantly try to improve and enhance our self-image.