Billboard Art Project

Departurebijlmer, I, II, Digital collage.Salem Oregon, 2012. 

The Billboard Art Project is taking over roadside digital LED billboards to turn them into free public art venues for 24 hours or more.

Those in-your-face and colorful canvases that you see as you sit stuck in traffic are turned over to local and international artists for a little break from everyday advertising, presenting larger-than-life art in glowing colors.

Catch a glimpse from your car as you drive by, or hang out for awhile and watch the show with other artists and onlookers.

You won’t know what is coming next as different artists explore this medium, with the electronic canvas morphing every 6-10 seconds

The photographs belongs to series of staged photographs and mixed imagery in urban settings. It is my attention to build a collection of photographs representing sculptural portrays of the urban landscape, investigating the fine nuances that appear in the process interfering with the coherency of a cityscape.

In these works I dissect urban architecture into its constituent formal elements and I manipulate the photos to emphasize formal shapes and elements. I photograph people and I resonate their physical presence by means of geometric shapes pasted to their body.