Wanderers Map

Series of collages combining with photograph ink, watercolor and paper

In the recent years I have worked with live performance, photography and collages combining found footage. I work with these mediums broadly related to my research on what I call the ‘city-shape’. I believe that objects and the environments physicality not only affect how we move in this environment but also affects our state of being. In these works I explore how simple shapes create memories and affect us on a social and cultural level. I dissect urban architecture into its constituent formal elements and I combine photos and collage to emphasize formal shapes and elements. I photograph people and I resonate their physical presence by means of geometric shapes pasted to their body

In this series of collages this concept of façade and identity is further examined The collages are made by combining photographs, paint, ink and paper. Every singel collage is fine-tuned to reveal the form-language that exists beneath the surface of the built environment. The linear perspective, the dept, the rectilinear forms, the fine lines and the colours, mirror-relationship between the patterns of urban space and the palette of the self. From this vantage point, urban space is compressed into the raw patterns that ultimately influence social structure and human relationships.