Boreholes of concrete covered with shiny gold and bronze, Eks-Rummet, Copenhagen 2020. 

This Sculpture is created from concrete boreholes that are considered demolition waste from destruction. The boreholes are found in the time between the demolition of old buildings and the construction of new buildings. At the same time they are remains of urban past and they remind me of times in transition from one old to new beginnings

The boreholes are arranged on a display like artifacts, placed next to each- other or stacked on top of each-other, appearing prominent similar to a stack of gold bars.  At the same time the display of  boreholes function like a counterbalance, questioning how we evaluate and distinguish between the value of ready-mades and found objects in a consumerist society.

The sculpture belong’s to a series of work investigations urban archaeology, while exploring the visual and social ideologies that embraces urban renewal project. It relates to expansion and urban growth and it relates the question of what is considered common and private space within growth in global cities, like the claim of private capital property and ownership of land.