The Palette Tool , Blush on the Present State.

2021 | Concrete, colour pigment metal | 89HX32LX6,5B |

Blush on the Present State (video)

2021 | Europacity | Otto-Weidt-Platz | Moabit | Berlin | Single-channel video | Loop | HDV | Colour |Camara Helle Lyshøj |

Blush on the present state:
Hymøller made this site-specific performance relating her persona to the facade of the freshly built apartments on Otto-Weidt-Platzt, a new urban quarter, a living district, founded in Berlin, 2021. The performance was produced during her residency at ZK/U, Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, 2021.
The Palette Tool, Blush on the Present State:

A site-specific performance that reflects on the strategy of “make-up” by relating her persona to the façade of the freshly built apartments on the Otto-Weidt-Platzt, a new urban district that is being established in Berlin, 2021. The palette tool is a ceremonial object made for the ceremony. It is a connecting tool that also reflects the environment. During the ceremony, Hymøller smeared and covered her body with pigment and then made a cast of the ceremonial object that she had used.
Object crafted specifically to be used in this specific ceremony, as a connecting tool that reflect the environment. During the ceremoni Hymøller smeared and covered herself in all the pigment colours. After use the object was casted in concrete and placed on the wall, as a ceremonial object.

Throughout her stay Hymøller researched the visual and social ideology that embraces urban renewal projects, looking through different stages of remodelling in residential areas and by exploring a new type of architecture that seems to expand throughout Europe. She was exploring the exteriors of built space in Europacity, Berlin’s new rapidly growing urban quarter, one of the largest and most innovative new construction areas in Berlin showcasing newly built residential architecture.