The duo exhibition Axes of the Field is based on craftsmanship, materials and processes that are used especially in the construction industry. 

The artist Kristine Hymøller and Anna Taina-Nielsen have created works for the exhibition that are inspired by the monumental constructions and building processes, which surround us and multiply in the horizon of the cityscape. The artist Hymøller and Taina-Nielsen have created a series of joint work titles: Materials for construction. The works are based on the old measuring tool, the plumb-line. The plumb-line is a tool used in building and constructions. It is used to determine the center of gravity of an irregular shape, aswell to find the depth or determine the vertical on an upright surface.

Each of the artists also contributes their own works in relation to the theme horizon of the cityscape.

Hymøller investigated the homogeneous expression of the facades of apartment blocks and their manufacturing processes. I was inspired by how apartment blocks are manufactured in the factory in individual elements, and then later assembled and mounted on the construction site.

Based on this kind of mass-produced construction and urban planning, Hymøller created the exhibition’s works that could be experienced as both two-dimensional and dimensional landscapes or wallpaper.  The works are based and formed on facade typology and the monumentality of apartment blocks. 

Hymøller created the works with colorful makeup palettes that daily are used as a face retouching tool. Contours and textures from the palettes were transferred onto paper or casted in concrete, installed side by side to form a horizon of reliefs. By repeating the imprints on paper and in a sculptural format, patterns are created that emphasize the increase of the population and the growing landscapes of the city.

Anna Taina-Nielsen’s contributions to the exhibition are inspired by an old work tool: the chalk line. The chalk line is used to draw lines on surfaces in conjunction with the construction of surfaces, spaces and buildings. Based on the chalk line, Taina-Nielsen has defined and created her own painting tool, and during the exhibition period Taina-Nielsen performed the performance work Horizon Tool, where she uses the painting tool on a large painting in the exhibition space.