City-Color HD is a site-specific installation made for the Exhibition-space Spanien 19C, Århus, 2018. The installation relates to the current social debate, about identity, functionalism, modernism, urban planning and the conception of pursuing an ideal, exploring the boundaries between the demolition of historic buildings and the construction of new beautifying architecture.                       

On a facade of an apartment block in Gellerup a digitally edited image in pastel colors is on display. The image represents Helhedsplan Gellerup”,  Denmark’s most ambitious urban renewal project. It represents the radical physical changes that will make a residential area like Gellerup “to an attractive living area”. There is something nostalgic about the city landscape greeting you when apartment blocks are replaced by wasteland, wide open space, mud, soil, the imprint of machines and the remnants of demolished apartment blocks. This image became my starting point and source of inspiration for the exhibition City Color Hd 

Addressing the visual and social ideology that embraces an urban renewal project. The project investigates the interaction between urban redevelopment and  peoples’ need to be beautified. How architecture deliberately is used to represent and signal messages such as cultural values, sense of belonging and affiliation.  At the same time, how makeup is used to create a persona and refine the skin structure with ingredients that give the skin a nice firming glow. That we as humans mirror our environment and that this increasingly guides us to establish an ideal of human appearance. In parallel, the performance ritual was filmed and shown on the monitor as part of the exhibition.

The installation includes video recordings from Gellerupparken’s construction site, a floor partly covered with soil, a large lady mirror in metal, industrial light, a parabolic antenna, wire rod and aerated concrete lubricated in foundation, rouge, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish  and are eyeshadows casted in concrete placed on wall. 

During the opening of the exhibition the installation were activated by the performance artist, Noelia Mora Solvez, presenting a ceremonial makeup ritual, as a “cosmetologist” who apply her surroundings and herself with “body decoration” and her soft body merged with rough and solid architectural Remnants